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I had goodies in the mail today! I received my fabric for Autumn Snapperland. I decided to just go with the recommended natural linen. The rest of the goodies are part of two different orders. I had placed a thread order for a bunch of Rainbow Gallery threads (including the Wisper I need to finish my sheep blanket), and these are the two that have come in so far. I ordered a Star Detailor to give it a try and see how it works on my loose thread ends. And, with the Barnabee’s Quest SAL on the horizon, I ordered charts 2 and 3. As you can see, 2 is still on backorder. I gotta tell you though, that pink treasure braid is beautiful! It’s like fairy wings! I also took advantage of the HAED sale that is going on right now and purchased two new charts (yeah yeah I know…maybe I should actually stitch one). I got Jessica Galbreth’s All Hallow’s Eve and Brigid Ashwood’s Zap. I couldn’t resist either of these…and boy are they at opposite ends of the spectrum, huh? All Hallow’s Eve I love because it’s dark and gothic. Zap I love because it’s cute and girlie and has lemon meringue pie! Thanks everyone for your compliments on the stocking. I ran out of two threads last night, so I had to make an emergency run to Michael’s tonight on the way home. I am working on finishing up the vine band and then will move on to the snowflakes. Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend. I am hoping to get more stitching and some more Christmas decorating done!

I am grateful for making it through two workouts with weights.

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  1. OOOH, I love that treasure braid too! I’m thankful that you made it through two workouts with weights too, because I love to read your blog! LOL!

  2. I predict you’ll love the Star Detailor. I love mine!

    I must confess, my sheep is naked too. I’ll be fixing that when the holiday madness subsides…

  3. Great stash-fest … I’ll be watching the BQ SAL next year with interest 🙂 Look forward to seeing Autumn Snapperland started too 😀

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