Sweet Treats!

Today I got something fun in the mail – a package from Vicki of Turkey Feathers. I saw on her blog that she was selling these in her Etsy shop. (If you haven’t been to Etsy.com, it is pretty cool and filled with hand-made items for sale). These were just too cute to pass up. When I was little, my grandmother built me a dollhouse and all the furniture to go into it. It has long been packed away, but I often think that one of these days, I will have the room to display it. So, when I saw these I thought – they would be perfect for the dollhouse! But, until the time when the dollhouse comes out of storage, these will bring a smile to my face. These were actually made by Vicki’s daughter, Grace. I love the sprinkles on the donuts!

Sweet 20Treats 20062806

I did a little bit of stitching on Bay Sampler last night, but not enough to warrant a photo. I probably won’t get to stitch tonight, because I am exhausted.

I am grateful for early mornings.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Treats!”

  1. Sherri Schlabs

    Michelle – What fun! I love getting to share in all of your project goodies. The little cake and donuts are adorable…What a talented little girl! Can’t wait til Thurs…(smile!)


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