Yes, that’s right – thank goodness it’s Monday! Because, Monday means the mailman comes again! This time the stash was very satisfying.

Stash 20062606

Today I received the new issue of SANQ, Just Nan’s Mermaid Heart and Carriage House Samplings Elephant and Farm (as well as the Angel and Needle freebies). I recently subscribed to SANQ, but I think my subscription probably started after this issue came out. I really wanted to get a good look at the Old Aviary Sampler that I have heard so much about. It really is beautiful and such soft colors! And Carol must be right, she said in her blog over the weekend that bloggers “almost all have an affinity for Carriage House Samplings”. I think she’s right! She also mentioned we have an affinity for Little House Needleworks as well, but somehow, I don’t have a single LHN chart in my stash!! The horror! I love the Dear Diary series as well as many others. I may have to add in at least one LHN chart in my next stash expedition. I’ve also been watching with delight Patti‘s progress on the CHS Alphabet, so I am now starting to collect the charts. I am up to F! So, thanks again to everyone checking in and commenting on my new little corner of the world. I hope to get links into my sidebar soon (as soon as I can figure out how), then you will all know how MANY of your blogs I read every day!

I am grateful for the color red. (That sounds a little like Sesame Street – today is brought to you by the letter E)

5 thoughts on “TGIM”

  1. LOL! Old Aviary Sampler is on my to-do list too! Vikki Clayton sells a great conversion for this one – and quite affordable too, if you have not seen it yet! I just ordered the huge piece of 40 ct Newcastle for it over the weekend too! Did you like the sampler??

    Great stash – those are a lot of my favorites too.

  2. Anna van Schurman

    Michelle, in answer to your question on my blog, you order the netflix queue, sometimes a particular movie may not be available at the time it is at the top of your list, but we always seem to get what we ask for–and in a day or two!

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great stash Michelle! Nicki and I are doing a SAL of the alphabets and the next instalment is this weekend. I plan to stitch N is for Needle (already done O and P) – they’re a lot of fun to stitch and pretty quick too.

    I’m definitely a CHS fan – she comes up with some beautiful designs 🙂

  4. I love the colour red too! It just edges out green and blue as my favourite colour. I’ve been looking for things to add to my 101 things list and I think I might nick your idea of finding things to be grateful for, if that is ok?
    I have been reading back through your blog entries and you have a great list of things to be grateful for.

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