Thank You, Isabelle and Violette!

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When the mail came today, Eric came inside and said “you’re becoming very worldly, you got something from France”, and I clapped my hands because I knew it had to be my Crazy Cat Lady Exchange! It turns out that Isabelle in Paris was the one stitching for me, and she and Violette put together some amazing gifts. Violette sent the three mice for Hamlet, Othello and Romeo. The little yarn kitty and the pillow were for me! I love the little kitty, it is so sweet and has the daintiest little whiskers. (And you know the yarn obsession I am having lately!). Isabelle also stitched this gorgeous pillow. I have so been wanting to see one of these in person, to figure out how to make one, because they are just so cute. She used kitty fabric on the front and back and on the covered buttons, and the inside is muslin (which I love the feel of). The design she stitched was a freebie from Stitchy Kitty and Isabelle says she stitched it with hand-dyed fibers to soften the hues. I just love this! She and Violette sent along a cute card as well.

Romeo 20and 20Hamlet 20093006.0

Romeo and Hamlet had a ball with those little mice this afternoon. I have fished them out from under the couches several times. I am too slow to get an action shot though, so here they are contemplating their new toys.

Othello 20092806.0

And here is Othello…this is about as active as he gets. I can’t believe I actually got pretty decent photos of all three of them in the same day! Thank you again, Isabelle and Violette…Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and I appreciate it!

Photos of my Just Nan RR to come – hopefully tomorrow I should be done with it!

I am grateful for friends in Paris.

15 thoughts on “Thank You, Isabelle and Violette!”

  1. What a gorgeous exchange! How lovely to get something from Isabelle – she does such beautiful work 🙂

    I love the kitty pictures – especially the first one. It looks as if they’re waiting for the mice to move before pouncing!

  2. I love the picture of your cats contemplating their new toys lol.
    Isabelle did a beautiful work with this exchange.

  3. Michelle, I am so glad you and your kitties enjoyed receiving the exchange as much as Violette and me enjoyed sending it 🙂 🙂

  4. Wow that is a beautifull pillow you got from Isabelle. I am already looking in the mailbox to see if there is something for me. Only bills so far.

  5. What a fun exchange! The pillow is fantastic, but Isabelle always does lovely work! Love the cat pictures. I miss my cat!

  6. What a nice gift from Isabelle.

    As I look at the picture of your two cats with the fake mouse, I think of the real mouse we pulled out of one of our cat’s mouths only 30 minutes ago 🙁

  7. Oh, what an amazing job Isabelle and Violette did for you and your kitties! Isn’t she the sweetest?? Yes, Eric is right – you are getting very worldly now 🙂

  8. Wonderful exchange gifts — Isabelle sent wonderful things for this exchange.

    your three cats are adorable.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love to read! Good to hear I selected some nice materials from the sale room.

    Enjoy the day

  9. Great exchange! Isabelle did a lovely job stitching and finishing that pillow for you – cool fabric!
    The other gifts are nice too!

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