Three French Hens

IMG 3415
3rd Day of Christmas
Teresa Wentzler
DMC on 28 ct. antique white cashel
Embellished with Mill Hill petites
Finished 12/27/08

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Other than having to put in some work time during my vacation, I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. It has been so nice to actually get to spend some time with Eric and just enjoy each other. I’ve been stitching quite a bit the past few days, and managed to finish Eric’s 3rd Day of Christmas ornament (only a couple days late) after only starting it last Sunday. There’s a ton of stitching in these little things, as I am sure you can imagine since they are Teresa Wentzler and over one. But, I managed to get it done around Christmas, which was my goal! You may recall that I am stitching one of these a year for Eric to celebrate each Christmas we’ve been married. You can see the other two ornaments here. I hope next year I can manage to get this stitched on time!

Now that I’ve got Eric’s ornament finished, I’m back to working on my Red Thread piece. I am stitching away at the border and hope to have it done by the end of the year. Last night I managed to get over half way across the top, so it’s going well. I think I’m going to run out of my Weeks Bark thread, so a trip to the LNS is in store if I can make it at lunchtime today. I can’t wait to show you the piece finished!

IMG 3404

And since it is the end of the year, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some of my accomplishments this year (that’s Romeo above).

I read 24 books this year, which isn’t a lot…but I’m getting back into the swing of reading since I started school. The first book I read in 2008 was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which was wonderful.

I stitched and finished 31 pieces this year. I really wanted to finish some of my larger WIPs, but I did what I could. I finally finished Barnabee’s Quest, which was a huge accomplishment. I did a SAL of Red Thread with my friend, Sherri, this year and completed the stitching on all twelve blocks (hopefully another big finish in the next few days). I also stitched a few ornaments, and also finished up stitching on everyone’s Neighborhood Round Robins. I hope to have mine back in the beginning of 2009.

I finished four quilts including our Wedding Quilt (that I gave to Eric for our second anniversary), Pigwidgeon, Rooster in the Hen House and Silk Road.

We took three trips this year – two to Oklahoma City and one to Virginia.

I started a new job in May and also started school.

It was a great year, and I look forward to 2009. I have some plans for my stitching and reading next year, which I will be sure to share with you next time. For now, enjoy yourself and Happy New Year! (Othello under the tree in the entryway).

IMG 3410

I am grateful for another wonderful year.

14 thoughts on “Three French Hens”

  1. That is a lovely ornament Michelle. A very good year for you I see. You have many wonderful accomplishments there.
    Wishing you all the best and a Happy Stitchy New Year

  2. Congratulations on your 2008 achievements and love the French Hen ornie. Anything from Teresa Wentzler is a lot of work but oh so beautiful! I really need to get in more reading than I have the past few years. My stitching & quilting have taken up all my free time it seem. I loved Dracula too and was so surprised at how good it was when I finally read it a few years ago. Happy New Year!

  3. Love the finish and that cat!

    I am returning to the stitching blogging world. I have not been around in a long time and hope that you will add me to your blog roll!

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