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This past weekend, I played another game of Stitching Roulette. Since I can’t seem to settle on anything, I’m apparently stitching on everything. As I may have mentioned previously, I’m currently stitching on my Secret Stitcher gift, which of course I can’t show you. It’s taken precedence over Mele K. for the time being. I had hoped to get Mele K. finished up in January, but well…I still have a week right? So, nothing new to show there.

So, on Friday night I debated what I wanted to work on. I had book club on Friday night, so I didn’t have all evening to stitch. I finally decided on a new start that has been calling my name. I’ve mentioned previously that I decided to cut a piece of fabric off of my failed Halloween RR and use that fabric (36ct. Meadow Rue – love love love it) and a Belle Soie conversion to stitch up BBD’s Where My Heart Blooms. You can see how pretty the silks are with my fabric in the photo above. So, I started this on Friday night. (I’ll explain why there is no photo of my start shortly).

On Saturday, I went with a friend to see The Lovely Bones at the theatre. It was good, I love Peter Jackson’s films, so I expected as much. And having read the book, I still enjoyed the movie. I’d recommend it. (Did I mention I also saw Nine the weekend before? Really good – loved it!). Anyway…Saturday night Eric and I went out and didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning, so no stitching on Saturday (other than on the Secret Stitcher piece). So, finally on Sunday, I decided to get out ATS. I’d been kind of avoiding it since I knew I had a mistake that needed to be fixed.

ATS 012410

I know it doesn’t really look different than the last time I showed it to you. I finished up those two orangey motifs on the right hand side. Then I went about the business of ripping out and restitching the right side crown and face that I’d stitched in the wrong place. So, I did that. Then I realized I’d miscounted while stitching the little arm on that guy. So, out that came. When I got to the part where I thought the mistake was, I realized it wasn’t a mistake. I’d counted correctly. Imagine the expletives that occurred at this point. So, I put ATS away and decided to get out Where My Heart Blooms. I thought that would be fun and relaxing and I could get my roof finished. Here’s the thing…my skein of Sister Scarlet is not red like one would expect (it’s actually the far right-hand thread in that pic at the top of the post). It’s really more pink. It kind of goes from a brick red to a pinky mauve. And.I.Hate.It. And even knowing that I was hating it, I tried to continue with my Jenny Bean Zenlike State and go with it. I finished the roof last night and promptly starting ripping it out. I can’t have a pink freaking roof. No way. Not when it is also going to be the color of those little strawberry things in the border. I need RED. So, I’ve pulled out my skein of Tulip that I used for this piece. Hopefully I can get the color I want. Because pink is not doing it for me.

So, in the span of three days, I think I effectively stitched twenty stitches. Maybe I should’ve worked on Shores. I was afraid though, after the ATS debacle that I would have problems with Shores. Little did I know it would be the new start that I would be foiled by!

Anyway, I do have a book review to share with you about my latest read for book club, but I think it’ll have to wait for next time.

I am grateful for dates with Eric.

29 thoughts on “Unstitching”

  1. What a bummer about all the frogging, Michelle! I hate variations in dye lots — it should be outlawed. lol! I hope you get more stitching and less frogging done soon. I love your ATS btw!

  2. I’m sorry about the ripping. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’re going backwards rather than making progress. Interestingly, I had a little bit of Sister Scarlet for Holly and Ivy Sampler and it was definitely red, but I know that Belle Soie dyelots can vary dramatically. I hope the Tulip works for you and you start to make progress soon!

  3. Oh, Michelle–all of it such a darned pain, but you really got me laughing at “I can’t have a pink freaking roof.” There’s so little time to stitch–doesn’t it drive you nuts when that happens?

  4. This must have been so frustrating, and I probably would have put all the projects aside and started with a brand new one! But, just think of the gorgeous samplers you will have when these are finished.

  5. Oh grrrrr I hate it when that happens. Which is far too often when I’m stitching.

    P.S. Belle Soie is on sale for $5 ea @ Needlecraft Corner.

  6. Oh no, sounds like your stitching is putting you through the mill at the moment – fingers crossed those darned frogs will move on to a pond somewhere soon! Looking forward to seeing your Belle Soie start – those colours are totally scrummy 😀

  7. I’m sorry about the reverse stitching. It must have been frustrating. I hope that you don’t have any more problems. I’m going to spend part of my evening ripping something out too. UGH!

  8. Many a project has been flung to the bottom of the WIP pile just because it has been visited by the frog. ATS just made it’s escape from a year long hiatus for this same reason.
    Love your progress and hope you get away from the frogs soon.

  9. Oh dear – a weekend of stitching futility – what a bummer. The Crescent colors are beautiful, but the inconsistency with them drive me crazy & so I try not to use them. Plus her reds have stained my fabric (no water!!). I think the reason your having so many problems with AST is because the stitchy gods want you to wait for me…. that is my theory anyways. See you soon!!

  10. GoldenAngelsWorks

    So sorry you are going through this. I definitely have been in that spot though. Praying you can find some stitching time that would be progressive and enjoyable.

  11. How absolutely frustrating to go through all of that. It’s like you find stitch and all you end up doing is spinning your wheels frogging. I don’t think that I could have settled for a pink roof either – who has a pink roof??? Hope that everything goes more smoothly next time you hit the stitching chair.

  12. Goodness, what a sucky stitching weekend. I am not sure about the tulip, I think it needs to be more rust colored but that’s me. Hope you get things figured out soon. I love your ATS, mine needs to come back out :-).

  13. I know how you feel- this weekend I was working on my HE snowman and found a mistake, and then another, and basically I am going to have to pull out all my work from the past two weekends I’ve worked on it. GRRRRRRR

  14. I’m so sorry you spent the weekend ripping! That was my weekend too… I had so much black fuzz around me from ripping out Ann Grimshaw! 🙂 I hope you have a better luck this weekend!

  15. I think there’s a run on frogs lately. Several of us have had issues, so you’re not alone. I’m sure that changing out that color for something you actually like will be much better in the long run. You don’t want to hang something up that you constantly point out as having a flaw in it, or an element that you dislike.

  16. Sorry to hear your weekend stitching attempts were so thwarted! I’d feel exactly the same about a pink roof!!!! Here’s to a better weekend this weekend!

  17. Okay, if I had been you, I would have given up stitching altogether. SO MUCH ripping out is TOO MUCH. Still, I admire you for persevering :o)

  18. I hate taking out stitches with every breath in my body! I usually chalk up my smaller mistakes to the same logic the Amish use in their quilting – that the mistakes remind them they are not perfect and help keep them humble.

    Are you interested in a trade? I have updated my trade blog.

  19. Blergh. Sometimes you just need to put the stuff away and let it sit for a bit… and maybe start something new. LOL Then you can go back and look at the stuff that is giving you fits with fresh eyes. Hang in there, gf, you’ll soon be zipping through your WIPs. ATS looks great, btw!!

  20. Ruth Rachel Vendsel

    argh! I do hate frogging so.

    Love your silk conversion for Where My Heart Blooms — can’t wait to see it take shape. And, your Shores piece is beautiful!

  21. Stitch Avec Amour

    Frogging sucks. Period. There’s simply no way around it. I was doing a bit of that on my PS ABC’s tonight. Love your piece, though!


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