Weekend-o-Frogging & Book Reviews

I have gotten so behind in blogging (posting and reading). For some reason, it seems like I am just having a hard time getting things accomplished lately. This weekend was no exception. Friday night, I sat down to work on Eric’s stocking. I had stitched maybe thirty minutes, when I noticed a mistake. A big mistake. I spent the next two days unstitching and then re-stitching. Sunday evening, I was finally back to the place I had started at on Friday. Ugh. I have no idea why I am having such a hard time with what would appear to be an easy quick stitch. So, here was my progress as of last night. Tonight I finished filling in the sleeve and did about half of the beard.

Stocking 20103006.0

I ordered the fabric for my Teresa Wentzler Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments, so that I can start stitching on Day 1 in honor of our first married Christmas together. My fabric came in, so as soon as I finish up with my November sheep blanket, I am on to the partridge. Saturday, I went by the bead shop to pick up some Delica Beads for my Just Nan RR. I think I am going to end up using a fair amount of beads on my part, so I didn’t want to diminish the supply that was sent with the piece. While I was there, I couldn’t resist the sparklies. I bought some Swarovski crystals to make a necklace with. Remember my love affair with yellow? Well, how about some canary yellow (makes me think of canary diamonds!).

Sparklies 20103006.0

I wish you see the sparkliness of these better. They are gorgeous. It is probably best that I don’t go back to the bead store for a while. I am so nervous about starting my portion of the RR I have. I think I’m stalling. I have already planned out what I’m going to stitch, charted it out and chose the colors, I just need to put the needle in the fabric. I am due to mail it out on the 13th, so I’d better get on it. It has been a hard week though, so maybe that is contributing to my feelings about it.

In book news, I promised I would take a few to tell you about the books I’ve just read. First, I read The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Have you ever had an experience where you feel like you are getting signs every where you turn telling you to do something? Before I tell you about the book, let me tell you why I read the book. Months ago, my best friend and I were talking on the phone and she said, you have to read The Time Traveler’s Wife. It is so good, go to the store tomorrow and get it. Now, I trust her opinion on books, being an avid reader herself, and any excuse to buy a book is a good one. So, I promptly took myself to the bookstore the next day and bought it. When I got home, I opened it up and read the poem that is in the front of the book. That poem is the exact same poem that has been hanging on my office cubicle wall for over a year. I thought, that’s weird, and closed the book. I figured when I finished what I had already lined up to read, I would get to this book. Well, in the next couple of months, I had several more instances of that book cropping up. My AWOL friend, popped in from nowhere and handed me the audiobook on cd. But, I told her I was waiting to read it. Anyway, I finally started the book, and was reading it on the plane to Chicago in September when we were heading for the Tut exhibit. There is a scene very near the beginning of the book that takes place in the Field Museum…you know, that museum I was going to THE NEXT DAY. It was sort of surreal, reading about Chicago in Chicago. On the flight back, I had been reading, but when our tasty beverages and pretzels arrived, I sort of held the book to my chest (cover toward me) while I got everything positioned. The flight attendant, immediately said…oh, you’re reading that book. And then proceeded to tell me about how he met the author and the booksigning he went to. Just weirdness. Anyway, I am not one to ignore when all roads lead to Rome, so I read the book. I am not going to give you a huge in-depth review (we can all go read Amazon), but suffice it to say…the book is amazing and touching and magnificent. If you have the inclination, read it. Time is a hard thing to wrap your brain around, so in the beginning, that caused some confusion for me, but it is so worth it to read.

The next book I read was Passing for Thin by Frances Kuffel. This was a super quick read, but so good. It is the story of a woman’s weightloss and the way her life changes during the process. If you have weight issues, or know anyone who does, this book is a must-read. She is funny and witty and I couldn’t put the book down.

The last book I read was Wayne Dyer’s Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling. This was another quick read. As the title indicates, this is about finding your inspiration, and how to get in touch with it. As an artist, and someone who is trying to get back in touch with her creativity, I got a lot out of this book.

So, there you have it. I am waiting for my book for my next book club to get here, so that I can get a move on it…but I’ve started Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. I have heard excellent things about that one, so I’ll let you know how it is. That’s all for tonight kids…have a great week!

I am grateful for seam rippers.

7 thoughts on “Weekend-o-Frogging & Book Reviews”

  1. Sorry about the frogs – I hope that’s it for the time being! It’s funny, but I get them most on the simplest of designs too 🙂

    Love your idea for doing the 12 days of Christmas!

    And I haven’t read that book but I keep hearing great things, so I guess I should! 🙂

  2. Your stocking is looking just lovely!!
    I haven’t read any of the titles you mentioned but I will be looking out for all three in the near future!

  3. I’ve been recommended the Time Traveler’s Wife as well, I have it on audio book as well as Labrynth and hope to listen to them soon. Unfortunately I have no time lately to actually read but audio books combined with my long commute to work are a life saver!

  4. Anna van Schurman

    Hang in on the stockings. (No pun intended.) They do seem like quick stitches, but they take plenty of time. They are so worth it, especially after you spend a day or two putting on the embellishments!

    I found the fabric at Joann’s this weekend (this goes back to a post at the beginning of the month) but thanks for your offer!

  5. Hi Michelle, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Labyrinth, hope you do too. What a nuisance to spend two days undoing and then restitching on the stocking, do you find its always quicker to restitch the part the second time around 🙂

  6. I knew that was a SB stocking the second the page opened. Don’t you just love them? They are so wonderful to stitch. I think I am doing Jillian for my mom for this Christmas. I guess I better get going on that huh? Your stitching is awesome.

    I have The Time Traveler’s Wife in my stash. I think I need to start it. Ann.

  7. Michelle:

    Your stocking really is so pretty already! I know how you feel as I too have had to take some things out and it almost makes you just want to not go back to it, but in the end you feel so glad that you found the mistake and fixed it! Don’t get discouraged! I think we have all had to do some frogging!! Thank you for your nice comments in my blog! Debby

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