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I have been spending more time thinking about the seasons, and trying to be aware and present of what the world is doing. New Year’s always brings to mind the shine and sparkle of a new year. So, I used some tiny silver Christmas balls and filled up one of my crystal vases with it. I have it on the mantel, with my Waterford peace dove champagne flutes (and my sheep, of course, with his January blanket). Each morning I wake up and look out our bedroom window at the top of our tree. It is just bare branches, but I remember when it was full of green leaves. The skies are grey here today and my fingers are cold. I keep wrapping my hands around a mug of hot chocolate or tea to get them warm. Texas is never really blanketed in snow, so I think I sometimes forget that the seasons have changed. Not that I have really ever lived somewhere that had snow or seasons like that…so I’m not sure why I expect it. It is the only time of year when Romeo comes to sit on my lap. He curls up on my lap while I stitch. If I am doing anything else, he is nowhere to be seen. But, in winter he curls up and watches my thread with one eye open. Perhaps it is the weather that is making me think of warm, handmade quilts too.

We had a little snow here yesterday, but mostly we have been iced in. Here is a photo out of my front window yesterday.

Snow 20011707

I had to take a forced personal day yesterday because of the weather…so I decided to make the most of it and stitch. I restarted my Heaven and Earth Designs piece on white fabric. I had originally started it on hand-dyed fabric, but after 150 stitches, it became apparent that it wasn’t going to work on that fabric. So, I restarted yesterday. Now that I am finished with the RR, I am back to my new rotation. So, Wednesdays are for my HAED piece. This is Sara Butcher’s Water ACEO Quick Stitch. I managed to get in 300 stitches yesterday. This is over one on 28 count fabric. Sorry it’s so dark.

Water 20011707

I’ll be working on my Lemon Meringue Sampler tonight probably. I’m going to work out tonight since I wasn’t able to last night. Still no further progress on my walk to Rivendell.

I am grateful for making progress.

7 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. Sorry, Michelle, but I can’t help but laugh at that tiny amount of snow requiring a day home! Granted, I live in Canada and I know you live in Texas, so I’m sure if a hurricane ever wandered my way, I’d be locked in my house from 3 days ahead of the storm!

    Great start on your HAED piece!

  2. Anna van Schurman

    They made you take a personal day? That is very wrong.

    I’m not sure I understand which part of that pattern deserves the name “quick stitch.” LOL!

  3. the crystal is just so beautiful…when I was first married (before children) I used put my crystal out as well and love looking at it…then I had kids and guess where the crystal is? in the basement packed away..LOL!

    Your HAED is amazing! Good Luck with that…and I can’t wait to see your progress on the LMS…I love lemons and that bright yellow!

  4. Awesom job with HAED. And, I love the crystal w/small ornaments. It is very ‘January-ish’ looking … totally Winter looking.

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