I have only been stitching on my Crazy Cat Lady exchange piece this week, so I have nothing to show you in the way of stitching. I thought I would stitch some more on Mystery 9 this weekend though, since I will have larger blocks of time to devote to it. But first, I must spend an evening with curtains, and a seam ripper. Yes, unfortunately I must. We measured them very carefully, I cut them, sewed them and they were too long. So, then I resewed the hem, after careful measurement. Then, they were too short. I am beginning to feel like Goldilocks. So, hopefully I will be able to get them “just right” over the weekend and then I will be able to cross another thing off my 101 list. Wouldn’t that be glorious! I have also spent some time reading the next book for my book club, The Matisse Stories. It is three short stories, that center around three paintings by Matisse. I have read the first two, and they are wonderful. I am hoping to finish the last story before our trip to Chicago, so that I can take The Time Traveler’s Wife with me. I have also been lurking on knitting blogs again, and my urge to learn to knit is beginning to become a siren’s song. I find myself dreaming of scarves and socks, shawls and wraps. Please stop me before I take up another hobby. My Silkweaver’s Fabric of the Month arrived today, which alleviated slightly the desire for expensive yarn and bamboo needles. Apparently someone at Silkweaver was informed about my yellow fetish lately.

FOTM 20090806

I was treated to Lemon Zest Jobelan and a Limited Edition Cashel in an unknown color. Gorgeous!

I am grateful for my iPod (my workouts are so much more fun!).

7 thoughts on “Zesty”

  1. Oooooh, yummy fabrics! I’m with you on the knitting thing. I started a scarf last winter, but haven’t finished it. I’d really love to knit some socks!

  2. Step away from the knitting blogs (lol)…. They got me too. I’ve finished an afghan for my mom and have started a Spiderman blankie for my grandson – of course while still trying to keep up with my XS WIPs. Not enough hours in the day…… Gorgeous fabrics you have there.


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