Episode 58: Unintentional Arbitrary August

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share some finishes, some starts, and some SALs.

Christmas in July Swap

I participated in a Christmas in July swap in one of the groups I’m in. This is what I stitched for my partner…

20180729 40

Two ornaments from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Christmas Eve Delivery (JCS Ornament Issue 2015) and Not a Creature in Sight (JCS Ornament Issue 2016). I stitched both with DMC and there was one Weeks for the words on 28ct Sugar Cookie Jobelan by Silkweaver. I think they turned out pretty cute.

20180726 128 3

My partner identified everything she sent by the categories for the exchange, which was fun.

20180726 129 2

She gifted me with the Scarlett House pattern off my wishlist and kitted it up, a couple of cuts of 40ct PTP fabric, some rainbow unicorn scissors, a flamingo Christmas ornament, and of course the funny photo. I am over the moon!

Closet Projects

20180715 456

I am pretty good about keeping the rest of my home clean and clutter free, but this is the state of my craft closet. Sigh. So, let’s discuss. Top of the pile is what I’m currently working on. There’s also a mini quilt that was in my office that now needs to be hung up. There’s a box of jewelry that needs to be repaired. That lumpy looking thing in the middle there? That’s going to be a white pumpkin once I get around to taking the five minutes to sew it closed. That bag hanging on the door? Stuff that needs to go to the post office. And those two boxes circled? One is a box of Ningxia Red and one is a box of oils that I was going to video for my Cozylife channel. So, I decided I need to start tackling this closet and I managed to get a few projects done that were in here.

20180715 185

I restrung this bracelet for Eric.

20180716 207 2

I repaired Eric’s obsidian necklace.

20180722 019

I finally sewed the chenille trim on this Joy ornament by Blackbird Designs (JCS Ornament issue 2011). This is stitched on 32ct Pearled Barley by Lakeside with my own conversion to overdyed cottons.

20180715 190

I put away all the silks and leftover beads from Mystery 9.

I sewed up that damn pumpkin.

And I made this ringbox for Eric out of a wooden cigar box.


20180726 92

His Eye is on the Sparrow by Heartstring Samplery – called for overdyed threads on 48ct Gander linen

Jessie Marie hosted the JMDS SAL (Jessie Marie Does Stuff) and we were to work on projects that match up the the letters J, M, D, S. So, here’s what I worked on.

20180730 010

Jinx by Raise the Roof Designs – GAST, Weeks, DMC on 32ct Under the Sea Fabrics Lovechild

20180809 155

Three Things Sampler by Moira Blackburn – My own conversion with DMC & GAST on 36ct Lakeside Light Examplar (The M is for Moira)

20180801 040

Dutch Beauty by Permin of Copenhagen – my own “Dark Beauty” conversion on 40ct hand-dyed Zweigart Mallow

And then I had a new start for “S” as well as for the Summer of Salem SAL in one of my groups.

20180804 56

Salem Village by The Primitive Needle – GAST, CC, & Weeks on 40ct Dapple by PTP. I especially love the Weeks Basil that I used for the words in place of the called for Florimell Thistle. Below is Lisa’s model.

Salem Village4 1